Let Robots Charge Your EV Cars at Spire

Leading the way in innovation, Spire sets the new standard of luxury high rise living in Seattle. We’re back to making history in Seattle… The Pacific Northwest’s first (and only) automated parking system that’ll both park your electronic vehicle and charge it too, is here!


Electric vehicle owners love Spire. And you will too!



Functioning like a personal valet that parks your car underground with the push of a button, Spire’s state of the art system also features robot arms with Level 2 charging technology. As the first of its kind in the United States, this robotic charging technology aims to lead the way for clean energy solutions in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. These robotic arms can fully charge over two-thirds of Spire’s garage – that’s up to 192 vehicles within 24 hours!


In 2021, Spire debuted Seattle’s first APS, which transfers vehicles to an available parking space via a state-of-the-art computer-controlled system, all within a matter of minutes and without a driver in the vehicle. Spire residents access the APS using three parking bays. To drop off a vehicle, the driver enters one of the bays and follows the instructions on a large TV screen. Once inside the bay, the driver parks the vehicle, sets the emergency brake and turns off the engine. The driver then exits the bay, swipes a card through a card reader to close the bay doors and enters a personal PIN to initiate the vehicle storage operation. While the driver walks to the lobby, the APS securely transports the vehicle to an available space. If the vehicle needs to be recharged, it is transported to an assigned EV charging station, where the robotic arm automatically charges the vehicle.


Spire’s future-proofed APS infrastructure can accommodate all types of electric vehicles. Unlike traditional parking garages, where EVs are limited by the number of chargers and the available power infrastructure, Spire’s advanced system is designed to overcome these limitations. It can accommodate up to 100% EV charging if future demand requires it.


It’s the most secure, innovative parking system in the entire Pacific Northwest. And, since the system can fit approximately twice the number of cars in the same building volume, we’ve also created a smaller footprint.


Recently awarded LEED Gold Certification, Spire has taken green leadership to the next level by continuing the trajectory of higher performing and environmentally sustainable buildings with the use of robotic EV charging arms. The building’s unprecedented parking design combined with modern technology automation is a prime example of how the innovative work of real estate development and design teams can create local solutions that contribute to making a global difference.


Not only is this intelligent design more sustainable, but it’s also proven quite convenient. Spire residents are invited to enjoy the ease of wheels within minutes any day of the week for effortless city living. Cars are parked by the system cleanly, quietly, and safely. On average it takes condominium residents just ~ 3-minutes to retrieve a car from elevator to stall!


Located at the intersection of Denny Triangle, South Lake Union, and Belltown, Spire is the fastest-selling luxury condominium project in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to Seattle’s first fully automated parking system, Spire offers an extensive collection of inspired amenities includes a dramatic two-story lobby with on-site café, verdant landscaping, luxurious co-working spaces, a state-of-the-art fitness center and movement studios, a 24-hour concierge, a private theater, and the Spire Club at Level 40 with indoor/outdoor terraces and 360-degree panoramic views.


Join us for an in-person demo of the automated parking and robotic EV charging arms. Now over 80% sold, Spire invites you to tour one-bedroom homes from $545,000 and two-bedroom homes from $799,000, coupled with Spire’s 2/1 buy down incentive.* To schedule your tour, call 206.494.0094 or email sales@spireseattle.com.

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