An In[SPIRE]d Look at Seattle from Local Photographers

What’s your Seattle Frame of Mind? Offering epic Pacific Northwest scenery from the skyscraper and five levels of amenities, Spire seeks to provide an inspired lifestyle to all its Seattle residents. We recently hand-selected local photographers to invite inside for a look at their unique perspectives of our city from Levels 40 and 41 in a series we’re calling Seattle Frame of Mind.


Meet Sigma and Robert as we continue our series of Spire’s guest photographer features which aims to spotlight their work, artistry, and position on why Seattle is such a special place.


Spring sunset taken from Level 40 at Spire taken by @siglivetoeat


Sigma has been a Seattle area resident for over 25 years, but her journey into photography didn’t begin until she moved into a Belltown condominium offering panoramic views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.


Sunset views with ferry taken by @siglivestoeat


The captivating sunset views with the ferry boats in the foreground became irresistible subjects for me and I started capturing them with my phone and random ‘point and shoot’ cameras. However, it wasn’t until 2012, when I acquired my first semi-professional DSLR, that I finally decided to venture beyond auto-mode and started learning the fundamentals of photography, like the exposure triangle. I have learned quite a bit about photography in the past 10 years, but those Olympic sunsets and ferry boats are still one of my favorite photography subjects.


Sigma highlights stormy skies in such an awe-inspiring way, you’ll find yourself coveting a cloudy sky. Check out the drama in her captures of mammatus clouds, warm rains, and a hail storm.


Mammatus clouds moving in behind the Space Needle next to Spire in the Seattle skyline captured by @siglivetoeat


My photography style is loud. It is all about bold colors and dramatic weather conditions. The Seattle city skyline is my palette, and I love capturing it with an ever-changing backdrop of colorful sunsets and sunrises, stormy skies, rainbows, lightning, snowstorms, fireworks and even the rare, ever-elusive Northern lights.  I think by now I have pretty much all the weather elements photographed with the Seattle skyline in my portfolio.


In addition to the Seattle skyline, I like including our most famous and distinguished landmark, the Space Needle in my compositions. My top three subjects to capture with the Space Needle are the moon, rainbows and lightning bolts, even though it takes quite a bit of planning and even more weather luck to capture these elements.


Sigma’s Seattle Frame of Mind is inspired by the natural landscape of the Pacific Northwest and its ever-evolving seasons.


My obsession with Seattle stems from the fact that we are surrounded by majestic mountains, tranquil waters, and lush greenery. Each of these elements intertwines to create a captivating landscape that continually inspires my photographic pursuits. Adding to the fact that each of the four seasons brings us a different look, I cannot imagine living anywhere else.


To purchase prints and wall art of Sigma’s work, visit her website sigmasreedharan.com. Follow along on Instagram, Facebook or X (formerly Twitter) to view her gallery evolve.


A unique architectural image of the Space Needle from Spire’s Level 40 by @chismphotowerx


Robert Chism is an award-winning fine arts photographer based in Washington State, celebrated for his unique and original photographic perspective. His work, recognized both locally and internationally, has been showcased on major media platforms such as USA TODAY, Canon USA, KING 5 Evening, KOMO 4, and Seattle Refined. While Robert calls Federal Way home, he often finds himself visiting Seattle to pursue his passion for photography. For the last 14 years, he’s embraced the role of a local tourist, capturing the beauty and vibrancy of this incredible city. 


Robert’s Seattle Frame of Mind embraces change, while seeking growth and fostering unity within the greater community.


The essence of my “Seattle Frame of Mind” can be best characterized as a journey through creativity, growth, and community. It encapsulates a positive and resilient mindset that continuously evolves and adapts, even when confronted with challenges. It is a state of mind that embraces change and fosters a sense of unity within the community.


I would describe my photography style as one that embraces unique perspectives, bold use of color, and a creative resolve. It has been noted for its eye-catching appeal. One of my favorite subjects to capture is reflections.


Scenic Seattle from Level 40 at Spire taken by @chismphotowerx


Robert shares his artistic scenes of Seattle’s Spring rebirth and the iconic cherry blossoms to some epic views from Spire’s Level 40 of Lake Union plus the Space Needle. Whether he’s capturing the serene beauty of a landscape or the vibrant energy of a bustling city, Robert’s photographs are sure to leave a memorable impact.



Best known for his work capturing the Seattle Space Needle and reflections, no A.I. or Photoshop are used, and Robert even has video to back up all original reflections. His original images, exhibited in diverse venues from galleries to museums, are famed for their exceptional attention to detail and creative resolve. In addition to his website at chismphotowerx.com, you can find and purchase his work at the Washington State History Museum and LeMay – America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, Salish Lodge and Spa or the Snoqualmie Falls Visitor Center in Snoqualmie, and the Postmark Center for the Arts, in Auburn, WA.


Be sure to follow Robert on social channels Instagram, Facebook or X (formerly Twitter) to catch the latest Pacific Northwest scenery.


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