Seattle Photographers Showcase Their Seattle Frame of Mind from Spire

Seattle Space Needle from Spire Condominiums by @dye_area_of_a_jetsetter

Offering one of the best perspectives of Seattle and iconic Pacific Northwest Scenery, Spire frames views that sweep from the Space Needle, Lake Union, Mount Baker, and the Cascades. Hand-selected for their unique eye and artistry, Spire invited Seattle’s best photographers to showcase their favorite scenes from above during a visit to Levels 40 and 41 in a series we’re calling Seattle Frame of Mind. Join us @spireseattle on Instagram to enjoy this stunning collaboration unfold.


Let’s meet some of the photographers and find out what inspires them to capture epic scenes across Seattle:


South Lake Union from Spire taken by @pretty_seattle
South Lake Union from Spire taken by @pretty_seattle


Laura is originally from Colombia but has called Seattle home since 2018. In addition to the @pretty_seattle feed, she runs @foodielexa and @travelingwithalexar – a well-rounded showcase of Seattle as a lovely place to live, visit, and spend time with family. Known for sensational sunset captures, plus stunning images of Seattle’s architecture and natural beauty, Laura is particularly fond of capturing Seattle when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, panoramic mountain views on clear days, and the downtown skyline at sunset.


The Space Needle taken by @pretty_seattle from Spire
The Space Needle taken by @pretty_seattle from Spire


As soon as I set foot in the city, I fell in love, especially with the Space Needle! Fascinated by its beauty, I started taking photos of Seattle’s iconic spots, collecting so many on my phone that I wanted a chance to share them with the rest of the world. That’s when I started @pretty_seattle.


I enjoy finding new perspectives when I’m out and about in the city, and I particularly enjoy photographing the city with its natural frames. I like to take pictures in all four seasons, but I really like to do it in the spring and fall when the beautiful colors and blooms make for striking images. I also enjoy taking pictures at sunset, I had never enjoyed so many beautiful sunsets in my life until I got to Seattle.


Laura’s Seattle Frame of Mind is to share its natural beauty and allure with others.


I love Seattle because it’s stunning all year round. It has so many famous locations and breathtaking natural beauty. I also enjoy recommending places to anyone who wants to visit Seattle and support local businesses!


The Seattle Space Needle captured from Spire's Penthouse Collection by @dye_area_of_a_jetsetter
The Space Needle captured from Spire’s Penthouse Collection by @dye_area_of_a_jetsetter


Benjamin calls Hamburg, Germany home, but working as a flight attendant for a major German airline for over 20 years, he’s become a regular to Seattle. His love for Seattle was ignited with his first layover in June 2013.


The city’s spirit, the distinct vibes of its people, and the colors of the city quickly captivated me. Places like the Waterfront or Pike Place Market, and landmarks like Kerry Park immediately electrified me. However, one particular iconic building has fascinated me to this day: the Space Needle. Regardless of the time of day, especially in the morning and evening light, the Space Needle exudes its special charm as the sun gently sets behind the Olympic Mountains, appearing different and more beautiful each time. It’s no coincidence that even the owner of the Space Needle, Sir Howard S. Wright III, flew a Boeing B767 for Delta Airlines for years – the same aircraft I worked on for more than 20 years, flying to Seattle almost every month for over 10 years. Such stories further underline my special love for this unique, iconic building and for Boeing, the company that still profoundly shapes Seattle.


Fittingly, Benjamin prefers drone photography. He obtained a USA license and loves shooting with a Mavic 3 and Mini 4 Pro. Three of his favorite subjects to capture are at the end of November when the Space Needle is adorned for Christmas, the pink canopy of Cherry Blossoms in early spring and Seattle waterfront sunsets when the last rays of sunlight cast unbelievably beautiful colors in red, orange, and gold on the facades of the skyline. Benjamin’s favorite times to shoot are Blue Hour and Golden Hour- half an hour before sunrise and the time just before sunset. Follow @ dye_area_of_a_jetsetter for some of the most stunning Seattle scenery ever captured from above.


Ever since my childhood, I’ve been fascinated by photography, always focusing on specific situations, moods, nature, and architecture. Working in the era of drones couldn’t have come at a better time for me. The aerial perspective was not unfamiliar to me, and I quickly learned how to navigate with a drone in airspace, always keeping within boundaries and maintaining the focus – especially the perspective on the essential.


The Seattle Space Needle captured by @dye_area_of_a_jetsetter from the Penthouse Collection
The Seattle Space Needle captured by @dye_area_of_a_jetsetter from the Penthouse Collection


I would describe my photographic style as one where it’s not the camera that makes the picture, but the eye. Shoots are always dependent on natural light and the situation. I love sunrises and sunsets, as well as the fog rolling in from Puget Sound, gently enveloping the Space Needle. I always shoot my pictures in RAW format, which significantly simplifies post-production, allowing for personalized color and light grading. Photoshop and Lightroom Classic are indispensable tools for me. I avoid using filters and instead rely on photographic techniques such as depth of field, exposure time, and the Orton effect to give the image a certain glow in post-production. I also love creating long exposures, especially from the air with the drone. It’s particularly important for me to take advantage of day and night boundaries.


Benjamin’s Seattle Frame of Mind embodies a vibrant tapestry of culture, innovation, and natural beauty woven together against the backdrop of the majestic Pacific Northwest.


It’s a city where tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon coexist harmoniously with indie coffee shops and art galleries, fostering a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit and artistic expression. The evergreen forests that surround the city offer a sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts, providing endless opportunities for hiking, kayaking, and exploring the stunning landscapes of the Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges.


But beyond its physical beauty, Seattle is a community of diverse voices and perspectives, a place where activism and advocacy thrive. It’s a city that celebrates its rich Native American heritage while embracing a spirit of inclusivity and progressivism. Seattle is more than just a city to me – it’s a symbol of resilience, creativity, and the endless possibilities that come with embracing change and diversity.

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