Om: It’s High Time to Harness Your Power

Spire celebrates intelligent design, connectivity and convenience from bottom to top. Living here is both effortless and meaningful. The carefully curated suite of amenities focuses on entertainment, health and wellness—supported by hospitality-inspired service and programming for the most authentic expression of Seattle living. In[spire]d living extends from the Level 3 Movement Studio to Level 41 which boasts an extensive Rooftop Collection of entertainment and wellness amenities.


The Movement Studio on Level 3 was made with privacy and Zen in mind. This separate fitness space is often used as a personal training area for circuit training . The room is fully equipped with everything you need for strength training including free weights and medicine balls, bosu balls for that full body work-out, and box jumps at varying heights. Wellbeats™ virtual on-demand fitness training is featured on a large screen TV, which offers touch screen programs to participants. Residents can access 1,200+ classes for all ability levels that include virtual fitness such as dancing, yoga and HIIT, plus nutrition and mindfulness – all from a space in which they feel comfortable.



Grab a mat and set up in front of a mirror to practice your Pilates poses. Experts say just 20 minutes a day is all you need to tighten and tone. Channel your inner Warrior and get strong from inside-out. As they say, practice makes perfect!



If vinyasa is your style, start stretching with these 12 yoga poses made for beginners. Zen out. With automated shades, lighting and music functions through the Control 4 system that you’ll find present in all amenity spaces, the mood is set for mindfulness. Spire residents can look forward to future specialized programming with Pop-up instructors right at home. Until then, our location where Belltown, South Lake Union, and Denny Triangle meet offers great spots for yoga class nearby:


Belltown CorePower Yoga
Belltown Breathe Hot Yoga
Urban Yoga Spa
HauteYoga Queen Anne


For more local yoga inspiration, visit Seattle events here and watch for Seattle Waterfront Outdoor Yoga Popups at Pier 62 which include DropSound Yoga & Meditation.


When cardio or heavy lifting is calling, Level 41 is where it’s at. The Inspire Fitness Studio provides a complete workout without a need for a secondary gym membership. Take your pick of inspired backdrops!  Soaring ceilings and oversized windows wrap-around the entire floor allowing 270 degree views of the Puget Sound and the Space Needle  immersing the space in natural light –  Treadmills, rowers, multiple style stationary bikes, Stairmasters and ellipticals are lined up along the curved cardio deck with expansive views of the Space Needle, Queen Anne and Lake Union waiting your training hour. Wellbeats™ virtual on-demand fitness kiosks line the walls for instruction that suits your style. Here, you’ll find benches, whole body strength training on the Smith machine, TRX, free weights, and a full spread of Nautilus equipment that also provides picture instructions on each machine showing the exercise and muscles that the machine targets. Take a virtual tour of the in[spire]d space.


Whether your fit routine is 3x per week or includes a daily wellness practice, Spire makes it easy to live a healthy lifestyle that’s essential for longevity. Now selling luxury condominium homes and penthouses starting from the mid $400,000s. Move in today and begin enjoying five-floors of amenity spaces where you’ll feel at home on every level.

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