Plant Yourself an Urban Jungle


Seattle is a dynamic, urban city surrounded by unmatched natural beauty. Year-round lush gardens are an easy stroll from our door at Spire. Connect with nature indoors at the Seattle Spheres—home to more than 1,000 different species of cloud forest plants from all over the world. The futuristic orbs in South Lake Union on 7th Avenue house more than 40,000 plants in a high-altitude rainforest environment. This massive greenhouse is primarily a workspace for Amazon employees, but the bottom-floor Understory is fully open to the public, which offers interactive exhibits. Be in[spire]d! The Spheres are open to visitors by reservation during the first and third Saturday of each month, free of charge. To register for a visit, simply select your preferred Saturday and time. Reservations become available 15 days before the date.


SPIRE Seattle Plant


Plant yourself inside your own urban jungle at Spire. Some say plant care is self-care. In addition to improving air-quality, they promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress, and can even improve productivity and focus. The residences at Spire are designed to emphasize the connection to the outdoors, featuring nature-inspired materials and finishes that offer a peaceful retreat from the bustle of everyday living. With 9-to-10-foot ceiling heights and floor-to-ceiling windows that celebrate iconic views of the skyline and Seattle waterfront, your new home serves as the perfect space for plant life.


Some of our favorite nearby plant shops include Forget Me Not Plants & Décor on 5th Avenue N, Florence on 1st Avenue, plus KUBODE Plants & Design on Western near Pike Place Market.


We’ve curating a list of houseplants that thrive in natural light for your home at Spire:


Some highly recommended plants to start your own urban jungle include the no fuss plants, Philodendron Heartleaf and Dracaena Golden Heart. The Mini Money Tree and Bromeliad Guzmania Yellow are easy to care for beginners, while the Calathea Freddie and Fiddle Leaf Fig are great options for homeowners that are a bit more experienced.


Warm the home and add some luck while you’re at it! The Money Tree is a tropical charmer that is believed to bring forth positive energy, good luck, and prosperity. While the Burgundy Rubber Tree represents wealth, abundance, and happiness. And if you’re looking to minimize negative energy and reduce anxiety, the Golden Pothos is believed to do the trick while also attracting wealth and prosperity.


If you are new to plant and just getting started, start slow and add some hardy types that suit your style. You may even appreciate the look and low-maintenance of Tillandsia (Air Plants) which can be added to vases, wall art or inside terrariums.


Hard to kill houseplants:

Cat Palm

Whale Fin

Sansevieria (Snake Plant)

ZZ Plant

Bromeliad Aechmea Pink

Aglaonema Siam

Schefflera Arboricola


Start your journey to in[Spire]d living today! Move-in ready residences await your personal touches. Standing 41 stories and 440 feet above the city, the prismatic building offers 360-degree panoramic views of the Seattle skyline and is closest high rise to the iconic Space Needle. One bedrooms are now starting from the mid-$400,000s and two bedrooms from the $900,000s. We look forward to greeting you in-person. Book your personal tour of our model homes and building amenities.

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