Himalayan Java Café Opens at Spire Seattle

Spire’s striking architecture enhances the Seattle skyline while offering a dynamic and welcoming pedestrian environment at the building’s base. Boasting five floors of common spaces and featuring the most thoughtfully curated amenities, we make sure you’re at home on all levels. Perk up! The newest convenience for Spire residents is a world of espresso found at the new café in our retail level. Himalayan Java, a family-owned coffee shop serves organic coffee grown in the Himalayas. Connected to Spire’s residential lobby, Himalayan Java offers its customers the best-tasting coffee beverages in the country.


Founded in 1999, Himalayan Java is committed to Nepalese coffee and baked goods, with organic beans grown and harvested in the Himalayas. Following a crop-to-cup motto, the Seattle-based branch supports Nepali farmers in its mission to provide 100% organic coffee with all beans grown and roasted in the ideal Himalayan air. The Spire location marks the brand’s first Seattle store after relocating from Lynnwood. The 1,000-square-foot coffee shop is open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. with a menu of espresso drinks, brewed coffee, teas, and smoothies. Our Sales Team at Spire highly recommends trying the Iced Americano and Cold Brew from the cafe.



“Stepping into the coffee capital of the country is a surreal moment for us,” said Sharad Shrestha, owner of Himalayan Java. “Our goal is to offer the best-tasting coffee beverages in the nation. We are confident our meticulous coffeemaking process and our high-quality ingredients from the Himalayas are bound to captivate Seattleites and coffee connoisseurs.”


Spire is situated at the nexus of local culture, gourmet dining and world-class attractions — all while being within walking distance to some of the world’s most powerful technology companies, including Amazon and Apple. The on-site café allows for a prime addition to the business district and offers the downtown Seattle workforce a convenient space to visit.


“Himalayan Java is an incredible addition to the community,” said Paul Menzies, CEO of Laconia, the developer of Spire. “While great coffee is in no short supply in Seattle, we strived to bring the best to our residents and were able to accomplish that through this partnership.”


They are very excited to step into Seattle and Spire is excited to welcome them. Visit Himalayan Java at 2502 6th Avenue real soon and let them introduce you to the bounty of the Himalayas through their coffee beans.


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