High Style at Spire: Paint the Town Magenta

Each fall, design experts predict the colors that will shape our surroundings in the coming year. While the hues of 2022 centered around back-to-nature shades of green, 2023 is all about self-expression. Leading the way is Pantone’s Color of the Year, Viva Magenta 18-1750, which claims to be both powerful and empowering. This new animated red revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint. An electrifying shade that manifests a stand-out statement, it’s rooted in nature descending from the red family and expressive of a new signal of strength. Viva Magenta is brave and fearless – a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative.


“In the Color of the Year 2023 selection process, Pantone observed a heightened appreciation and awareness of nature represented by countless lifestyle trends. We’re incorporating more living things into our homes, such as plants, florals, living walls, and restorative outdoor spaces. We’re finding newfound enjoyment in travel, sports, and outdoor recreation after pausing these activities… All of these lifestyle trends speak to the heartiness of natural forces,” writes Archi Living Magazine.


“As we balance our digital and physical lives, we continue to grow our appreciation for the natural world. The Color of the Year 2023 acknowledges our gravitational pull towards natural colors as movements swell around climate change, sustainability, and land protection.”



We love the idea of pulling in a plant to show off the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year – Viva Magenta. Try Cordyline Fruticosa or Hawaiian Live Red Cordyline, which are popular tropical indoor plants. These plants are toxic to pets so it’s best to use a raised plant stand and tall basket to keep them up high and out of reach. Another great plant that highlights the hue and is a match for Spire’s modern architecture is an orchid. This Faux Dendrobium in a cylinder vase is a great option for traveling professionals and pet parents alike.


Complementing this bold and modern pop of color, the landscape for interior design in 2023 is full of comforting paint shades in neutral shades of white, earth tones, greens and blues.


“People have been drawn to nature-inspired and earthy tones the past couple years, and this is something that will continue into 2023 and beyond,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “Greens, blues, and browns can make any space feel safe, calming, and grounded yet still energized.”


Industry experts have made their picks for the upcoming year, and the palette is full of rich and restorative colors tinged with natural warmth. Start the new year in style with these fresh color tips to incorporate into your new condominium residences at Spire.


Raspberry Blush, Benjamin Moore. This vibrant red-orange is full of personality and aims to inspire dramatic transformations around the home. The saturated shade energizes a room for a lively look that’s anything but timid. For a maximalist approach, splash Raspberry Blush on walls, trim, and the ceiling to wrap a room in warmth. Soft shades of white and beige balance the bright, rosy hue.


Spanish Moss, Krylon. Green is quickly becoming the new neutral as homeowners opt for comforting colors in lieu of the crisp, bright whites of decades past. This midnight green has a strong connection with the richness of nature, dense forests, and mossy terrains. Pair the rich, grounding green with complementary colors like gold, sandstone, and copper that relate to nature.


Terra Rosa, Dunn-Edwards. This earthy, rosy hue is a more vibrant option compared to traditional neutrals. Sweet and cozy without being saccharine, the warm hue adds comfort to a bedroom or living space. This color blends brown and burgundy for a rosy pink that works as both a grounding neutral and a delicate accent.


Redend Point, Sherwin-Williams. A derivative of the terracotta trend that has been part of the design landscape for the past few years, pinky-beige is the new neutral on the scene for 2023. A blend of blush and beige, this color features subtle pink undertones to warm up walls. The grounding shade feels especially on trend as homeowners turn toward earth tones to bring comfort and joy to their interior spaces.


Blank Canvas, Behr. This creamy shade of white is all about fresh starts and goes with practically everything. The warm neutral stands out from the icy modern hues popular in the past. This warm color transforms any room into its namesake: a clean slate ready for endless design possibilities. Use Blank Canvas on bedroom walls to promote relaxation, or finish office built-ins and trim with the warm shade of white for a classic look that encourages creativity and concentration.


Everglade Deck, Valspar. A midnight blue that balances elegance and calm, creating a restorative space. This deep teal is all about restoration and will liven up plain walls while elevating the surrounding design. Painting this sea green on a piece of furniture, like a dresser or a console, would provide a pretty pop in an otherwise neutral room. Create an allover immersive color and accent with brass for a space that defines elegance.


Vining Ivy, Glidden. This color blends blue and green for a tranquil backdrop. The color of the year works well with both contemporary and classic styles. Pair the blue-green jewel tone with wood finishes, stone accents, and rich textures for a room that borrows from the outdoors. Or opt for smaller doses of Vining Ivy on trim, furniture, or cabinetry for a subtle dose of the soothing paint color.


It’s a new year and you deserve a new home! Whether you are looking for an ideal spot to hang your hat, a place to paint the town magenta or are simply excited to add a bit of your own personality to a space you can call your own, Spire offers some of the best backdrops in Seattle. Now 60% sold with serious savings offered on select homes, we invite you for a personal tour of our model homes.

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