an automated valet every day

Spire celebrates intelligent design, connectivity, and convenience for an effortless and meaningful life. Offering a selection of amenities across multiple levels of the building, the Spire Automated Valet is a brilliantly assembled space offering hospitality-inspired service to serve the all-encompassing needs of a contemporary Seattle lifestyle for every day of the year.


No need to step outside. Your vehicle will be brought to you. Spire boasts the first fully automated parking system (APS) in Seattle, designed and installed by Parkworks. The Automated Valet will provide parking via a fully automated, computer-controlled parking system manufactured in Switzerland by Sotefin, the world leader in fully automated parking systems for the last 60 years. Spire residents will access the APS – both to drop off and pick their cars – using three parking Bays located on the B1 level of the building. A maximum of 266 cars are securely parked on eight floors of underground parking from B2-B9. Plus, EV car charging is available (which is scheduled through the SPIRE Concierge).


How does Spire’s Auto Valet work? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.


To drop off your car: Drive down to the parking level B1, pull into designated bay, put the car in park, set the emergency brake, and turn your car off. Use the card reader to close the bay doors and enter your personal pin to initiate the vehicle storage operation. Proceed to B1 Elevator Lobby and head home. The APS system brings your car down to the B2-B9 levels and it gets moved automatically into a free space until a retrieval is requested.


To retrieve your car: Request car from B1 Elevator Lobby. A tone will sound approximately 20 seconds before the car arrives in the Bay and the video screen will indicate the receiving Bay. There are two cameras in each Bay: the first will show your car rising to the Bay, the second shows it ready for retrieval. Enter your car, which is ready and positioned to drive out of the garage.


Watch the video.


Automated parking means less time and hassle for drivers. Forget that extra time waiting for your car on cold mornings! Enjoy the ease of easy parking and your wheels within minutes, year-round. Cars are parked by the system cleanly, quietly and safely. With the APS being able to fit approximately twice the number of cars in the same building volume, we also create a smaller footprint. You’ll find a partial list of car makes and models that are acceptable and unacceptable in your Spire Purchase & Sale Agreement.


Now that you are home, take it all in. Spire is designed to emphasize the connection to the outdoors, the residences feature nature-inspired materials and finishes that offer a peaceful retreat from the bustle of everyday living.

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